Chad Iwertz Duffy


[A headshot image of Dr. Chad Iwertz Duffy. Chad smiling inside Yayoi Kusama’s art installation The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away, a mirrored room that infinitely reflects and repeats hundreds of twinkle lights of many colors. Because the room is mirrored on all sides we can also see distorted images of Chad repeated, as well as distorted reflections of his partner, Lorene, who is taking this picture.]

Assistant Professor
(419) 372.7683
East Hall 412

Degrees and Institutions

Ph.D. Rhetoric, Composition, & Literacy, The Ohio State University
M.A. Rhetoric, Writing, & Culture, Oregon State University
B.A. English (Writing & Rhetoric), Pepperdine University

Area: Rhetoric & Writing Studies

Research Interests: Disability studies; rhetoric of health and medicine; digital media studies; multimodal composition; speech-to-text writing; transcription studies; feminist contextualist research methodologies; digital embodiment and mētis


Chad Iwertz Duffy is assistant professor of rhetoric and writing studies in the English Department. He earned his PhD in Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy from Ohio State University. At BGSU, he teaches courses in composition, online writing instruction, disability rhetoric, and digital media and directs (with Amílcar Challú in the Department of History) the National Endowment for the Humanities CARES Act grant Toward a Pedagogy from Crisis: Adaptive Teaching and Learning at Bowling Green State University During COVID-19.

Dr. Iwertz Duffy's research is located at the intersection of disability studies and digital media composition: design and framing of access/ibility in civic technologies, epistemology of communication access, and digital embodiment and mētis (the rhetorical practice of embodied intelligence and cunning).

His monograph project, The Invention of Access: Rhetorical Creation and the Emergent Methodologies of Speech-to-Text Writing, explores how professional speech-to-text writers across the United States and Canada use emergent technologies and dynamic, world-building approaches to rhetorically invent communication access. His recent work can be found in Computers and Composition, Peitho, and the forthcoming anthologies Amplifying Soundwriting: Theory and Practice in Rhetoric and Writing and Methods for Emerging Researchers in Rhetoric and Composition, the latter of which he is also co-editor with Drs. Erin Bahl and Christa Teston.

Courses Taught

ENG 6210: Introduction to Rhetoric and Writing as a Discipline
ENG 6200: The Teaching of Writing
ENG 6800: Seminar in English Studies, Teaching Writing Online
ENG 7280: Digital Rhetorics
ENG 7800: Seminar in Rhetoric and Writing Studies, Cultures of Crip Multimodality

Recent Publications

Iwertz, C., Price, M., & Patrus, R. (2018). In E. Brewer & L. Obermark (Eds.), Passageways and betweenity: A Brenda Jo Brueggemann retrospective. Composition Forum 39.

Blancato, M. & Iwertz, C. (2016). "Are the instructors going to teach us anything?": Conceptualizing student and teacher roles in the "Rhetorical Composing" MOOC. Computers and Composition: An International Journal 42, pp. 47-58. doi: 10.1016/j.compcom.2016.08.002

Iwertz, C. & Osorio, R. (2016). Composing captions: A starter kit for accessible media. Peitho 19(1).

Walsh, L. [and 33 others, including Iwertz, C.] (2016). The great chain of being: Manifesto on the problem of agency in science communication. Poroi: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Rhetorical Analysis and Invention 12(1). doi: 10.13008/2151-2957.1246

Works in Progress

Bahl, E., Iwertz Duffy, C., & Teston, C. (Eds.) Methods for emerging researchers in rhetoric and composition [edited collection]

Iwertz Duffy, C. The Invention of access: Rhetorical creation and the emergent methodologies of speech-to-text writing [monograph]

Iwertz Duffy, C. Disabling soundwriting: Sonic rhetorics meet disability pedagogy. In C. Danforth, M. Faris, & K. Stedman (Eds.), Amplifying soundwriting: Theory and practice in rhetoric and writing [book chapter]

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