Hope Teggart Published in International ResearchScape Journal

Hope Teggart, a 2019 graduate of the Department of English, recently had an article published in the International ResearchScape Journal. Teggart's article, "Frankenstein in Baghdad: A Novel Way of Understanding the Iraq War and Its Aftermath" can be read on the journal's website.

Please join us in congratulating Hope!

Further, the journal's call for proposals is now open. See the full CFP below.

International ResearchScape Journal:  Call for Undergraduate and Graduate Papers. The International ResearchScape Journal seeks submissions for its Spring 2020 volume

Deadline for Abstract Submissions:  Friday, March 27th at 11:59pm

The International ResearchScape Journal is an online, peer-reviewed journal that was founded in 2013. Since its inaugural issue, it has featured articles covering topics ranging from the U.S.’s involvement in El Salvador’s 12-year civil war to the trauma of Fukushima’s nuclear disaster to the complexities of prenatal and post-natal healthcare in Bangladesh. International in its subject matter and in its readership, some of our most popular articles have received as many as 450 downloads from readers across the globe.

For our 2020 issue, we seek work that focuses on such topics as: human rights, global migration, protest movements such as those occurring in France, Hong Kong, and Iraq, climate change, climate refugees, and the end of the Anthropocene, the legacies of colonization and American imperialism, international NGOs, healthcare, intercultural communication, cultural studies, world history, transnational and global literatures and film.

Abstract submissions should be 500-words and adhere to MLA formatting (8th edition). The author should include their name, email address, the title of their paper, and a brief summary of their argument and methodology. Authors will be notified by no later than Friday, April 10th of the status of their submission and completed manuscripts will be due by no later than Monday, May 11th.  

In every issue of our journal, we also include a “From Praxis to Press” section which features papers that examine experiential learning experiences such as study abroad programs, internships, and/or community-based learning or activist projects.

For further information, please visit https://scholarworks.bgsu.edu/irj/ or contact Dr. Beatrice Guenther (bguenth@bgsu.edu) , Dr. Christina Guenther (cguenth@bgsu.edu) , or Dr. Rachel Walsh (walshr@bgsu.edu)

Updated: 01/14/2020 03:16PM