Triauna Carey


Ms. Triauna Carey

Position: Teaching Associate
Address: 439C East Hall

My teaching philosophy is based on the idea that writing can be a way of understanding each other and of communicating ideas in meaningful ways. Writing can have tangible effects on individuals and larger social groups. In my classroom, group discussion plays a pivotal role and I encourage my students to think in ways that will interest and challenge them as intellectuals. I teach writing as a form of reflection and critical thinking. This means in my courses, we think about writing as a way to explore social issues, culture, current events, and the role our socialization plays in our understanding of our topics. The main goal is to gain a deeper understanding of academic writing, rhetoric, and how they connect with larger conversations that take place outside of the classroom. We'll read, discuss, explore, develop, and revise ideas in various forms. My goal is not to make students perfect writers. I want to help them become more reflective and thoughtful about why they write, how they write, what their process may be, and what is important to them.