Shelly Danko


Ms. Shelly Danko

Position: Teaching Staff
Phone: 419-372-7367
Address: 334 East Hall

Two metaphors that represent my writing classroom are apprenticeship and community.

The writing apprenticeship depiction of my classroom caters to teaching skills and habits of mind. I use cognitive and behavioral modeling and reflection to examine the writing processes and the recursive nature of composing. To this end, I hope that students’ awareness of processes, strategies, and “intelligent behaviors” can be transferred into different writing environments and for different rhetorical situations.

The writing community representation of my classroom caters to understanding writing as cultural and political. To do this, we question our attitudes and beliefs about writing and seek to discover the underlying power struggles present in writing expectations and assessment. Thus, I hope students begin to accept the differences in written and spoken communication and begin to acknowledge the inequalities present in general writing expectations.

The two overlapping components of my classroom illustrate a bigger picture of my educational philosophy. Ultimately, I want my writing classroom to reflect an environment that fosters lifelong writers and learners and encourages acceptance.