Marshall Saenz


Mr. Marshall Saenz

Position: Teaching Associate
Address: 317 East Hall

Writing represents a one of the most impactful ways to learn, transfer, and experience knowledge in ways that can truly shape the world in which we live. In this sense, writing is not only a professional endeavor but also a personal one that cultivates exploration into identity and voice. To this end, my students are given the agency to learn and fashion compositions using various literacies and rhetorical strategies while engaging in such discoveries. Ultimately, the goal for constructive writing practices occur within the process of successfully navigating systems constructed by the rules, tools, community, and division of labors of the course.

I approach this goal through a framework based on Engestrom’s activity theory and design grammars identified by Gee’s principals of learning from good games. As such, I appreciate the value of course designs situated in social activity and my classroom embraces this ideology by implementing a number of collaborative activities such as group work, peer review, and simulations to augment learning. Following cues from Berlin and Dewey, I understand that each class uniquely creates its own culture and my students are encouraged to assist in developing a positive and safe learning environment attuned to fit their success. As a result of these ideologies and practices, I am perpetually a mentor and a learner always seeking to refine my skills and explore new possibilities on writing’s great horizons.