Lee Nickoson


Dr. Lee Nickoson

Position: Director
Phone: 419-372-7885
Email: leenick@bgsu.edu
Address: 215 East Hall (GSW Program Office)

  • Writing is not simply a functional art limited to the production of content; it is a critical, deeply social, and always political practice.
  • Writing is making. And remaking.
  • Writing is action.
  • Writing involves understanding connecting with another.
  • Writing is a recursive practice: writers plan, draft, (re)plan, (re)draft . . . .
  • Writing is play.
  • Writing is messy.
  • Writing is a powerful means of making sense of the world(s) in which we live.

These assumptions about what writing is and does challenge me to perform three responsibilities: (1) to develop, organize, and implement a curriculum that both affirms and also challenges the writing histories and experience learners bring to the course ; (2) to model thoughtful, engaged, and rigorous intellectual curiosity about writing; and (3) to motivate the students with whom I am fortunate to work to challenge themselves as readers, thinkers, writers, and citizens.