Lauren Garskie


Ms. Lauren Garskie

Position: Teaching Associate
Address: 311B East Hall

An important aspect of my teaching is to help students to take control of their own writing and learning, participating in the class as active learners. I often pose questions that engage their critical thinking and help them discover their answers on their own. I am a proponent of using multiple learning methods and presenting materials in multiple modes to increase access to information. Central to my classrooms is also collaboration, where students are asked to work in various group size with different members of the class and are then asked to come together as a class. I want students to learn to work together in groups that will allow them to participate in different ways and develop ideas they may not have thought of on their own.

I work to enable my students to understand their writing as a process, which will help them develop a balance of creativity and critical thought in their writing. This also questions what is writing and how argument can be made through the entire document. They consider documents that are both print and digital born and multimodal in any form that combine text and media to communication information. With a student centered approach, I am committed to my students. I believe in their success and want them to see themselves differently as students, writers, and members of society.