Kristin LaFollette


Ms. Kristin LaFollette

Position: Program Assistant / Teaching Associate
Address: 215B East Hall / 306 East Hall

I graduated from Indiana University with a BA and an MA in English and creative writing with emphases in poetry and narrative collage. In addition to teaching in the General Studies Writing program, I am a student in the PhD in Rhetoric and Writing program and am pursuing a certificate in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality studies.

My background in creative writing is reflected in my classroom where I work toward encouraging creativity and implementing arts-based research and activities. I strongly believe that creativity produces students who become more well-rounded, resourceful employees, graduate students, etc. in the future and that exercising creativity fosters critical thinking and inventiveness. I like bringing creative writing exercises (including poetry) into the classroom to help students grasp difficult concepts, brainstorm, and develop ideas for their research and writing.

I also like providing students with opportunities for multimodal composing. One of my favorite examples of this is from Jody Shipka’s From a Composition Made Whole where she discusses a project where a student wrote an essay on a pair of ballet shoes. I like to give my students opportunities to combine their interests with academic writing and tailor their writing to their individual fields of study. Students who are struggling often claim that writing isn’t beneficial to their chosen field, but helping them to write about issues and topics that are important to their interests and future careers allows them to better appreciate the writing process and how it can help further develop their critical thinking and communication skills. I enjoy getting to know my students and their writing abilities one-on-one and helping them become successful writers.