Kiera Gaswint


Ms. Kiera Gaswint

Position: Teaching Associate
Address: 415A East Hall

Whether you like it or not, when we truly get to the bottom of things, everyone is a writer. It might not seem like it, but every day it is almost guaranteed that unless you live under a rock in the desert, you’ve probably encountered writing, either having written it or read it. I think this is a valuable lesson for students of virtually any age or year in their academic career to acknowledge, despite what challenges and ill will this might call up. However, writing doesn’t have to feel like kicking the side of your car hoping the engine will start up after it went up in smoke on the highway. Writing about even the most boring of topics can be made easier after discovering the writing process and learning that each and every writer does things a little differently, and that it’s okay if you don’t know everything. With the correct tools, writing doesn’t have to be associated with anxiety and writer’s block – writing can be fun!