Kelly Moreland


Ms. Kelly Moreland

Position: Teaching Associate

As a proponent of active learning, collaboration, and transfer, I strive to create classroom environments that foster creativity and that challenge students. My active learning approach asks students to take responsibility for their own learning by developing and engaging in meaningful composing processes, and importantly by questioning what it means to “write.” I hope to embolden students to question traditional notions of writing, extending their processes beyond pen and paper or alphabetic texts. By asking students to engage in group work and peer review often I hope to foster a classroom environment that supports and encourages us to think of ourselves as a community of writers.

I also stress to my students that our main goal for each course is to develop composing processes that will work beyond first year writing and beyond their college years. Just as I expect students to engage in various composing processes, I hope they will feel inspired to think in new ways. Asking questions, finding answers, and forming educated opinions are integral pieces of learning how to think critically. We think and write in order to communicate, and thus rhetorical situation and principles are an important component of each project my students create. My hope is that students will move forward from my classes with a new confidence in their writing that they will take with them to future projects and places.