Katelynn Phillips


Ms. Katelynn Phillips

Position: Teaching Associate
Email: kpphill@bgsu.edu
Address: 315B East Hall

Katelynn Phillips is a GSW instructor and Masters student in the Literary and Textual Studies program at Bowling Green State University. She was an undergrad Falcon (English) and while she currently lives in Perrysburg, but is happy to call BGSU her home. She hopes to one day teach writing and literature to college students. Her philosophy of teaching is an emphasis on mentorship—building relationships that encourage growth in a positive environment. Katelynn believes that writing isn’t a skill that’s inherent or obtained by luck, but rather, requires consistent work and a willingness to learn. She also believes in creating a community centered environment where her students can learn as much from each other as they do from her. To promote these beliefs, you can often find her class engaged in discussion and working in groups, helping one another to build their papers. Phillips is also proud to say she’s been inspired by the many instructors/professors at BGSU.