Kate Jurak


Ms. Kate Jurak

Position: Instructor
Phone: 419-372-0541
Email: mjurak@bgsu.edu
Address: 326 East Hall

Writing is play.

In the same way that a child picks up a stick and immediately begins to explore its possibilities – as a toy gun, a wizard’s wand, a lever, a way to hit her sister in the back of the head from a distance – successful writers pick up words and phrases and manipulate them, trying different combinations and arrangements until something happens. No magic involved, just a lot of patience, a little willpower, and a thorough knowledge of the possibilities.    

With this in mind, my classes are focused around introducing writers to the possibilities of language and argument.  A writer who’s only seen five-paragraph essays is going to write five-paragraph essays, no matter the topic.  But a writer who’s critically examined book reviews, apologias, newspaper editorials, and political concession speeches; who’s discovered how to craft not only “informative quote” introductions, but also narrative introductions, leading-question introductions, shock-value introductions; who’s learned the value of minimizing and conceding arguments as well as refuting them…that writer is going to have a hundred different options from which to choose.  

And in choosing, begin to play.