Kari Hanlin


Ms. Kari Hanlin

Position: Teaching Associate
Email: khanlin@bgsu.edu
Address: East Hall 415B

I graduated from Waynesburg University with a BA in English, a concentration in creative writing, and a minor in psychology. Both creative writing and psychology have a place in my classroom, as I work with students to incorporate creative thinking into all of their assignments and encourage metacognition and reflection on writing as a subject of study.

My classroom is fueled by the students and popular culture references. I take in what the students want to learn, listen to how they feel about writing, and I structure my class materials accordingly. My primary goal is to make the process of writing enjoyable, and I connect academic texts with pop culture references to help students understand how fun writing and critical thinking can truly be. As a teacher, I strive to create a safe environment where students feel free to explore and develop their writing abilities. I achieve this environment through the usage of low-stakes writing and scaffolding assignments, so students often feel as if their papers take on a life of their own.

Peter Elbow believes that the goal of teaching writing is to create better writers, not just better papers, and this motto fuels my approach to teaching writing.