Daniel Gualtieri


Mr. Daniel Gualtieri

Position: Teaching Associate
Email: dagualt@bgsu.edu
Address: 433B East Hall

My primary goal as a GSW instructor is to give my students the tools they need to form meaningful connections with other people through their writing. Words are at the heart of the interactions we have with other people on an academic level and a personal one, and I hope to play a small part in enabling my students to find their written voice and use that voice to achieve success in the academic world and ultimately in every area of their lives.

In addition, I want my students to understand writing, even academic writing, as a fundamentally creative and intentional act. All writing carries with it an underpinning set of beliefs and ideas, and I want students to be aware that when they create a piece of writing (regardless of genre) and send it out into the world, they are making ethical and aesthetic decisions that will impact their readers in a multitude of ways. Ultimately I want my students to understand these aspects of writing as both a responsibility and a delight.