Bryan Gattozzi


Mr. Bryan Gattozzi

Position: Lecturer
Phone: 419-372-4651
Address: 332 East Hall

An instructor is responsible for more than just teaching a student how to follow MLA documentation style.  Students are motivated to attend college for personal growth and to increase earning potential.  My responsibility is to prepare them for the job market.  Most jobs require employees to articulate a message, to use technology, and to take responsibility for completing tasks in a given time frame.  Therefore, my approach to teaching is based in motivating students to embrace personality, capacity, and efficiency.  

The nature of composition classes forces students to ask themselves: Who am I?  College students are challenged by having to write with certainty about issues they’re likely uncertain or indifferent about.  My position involves leading students to trust their personalities and writing skills.  This cannot happen unless I am an engaging and personable authority.  It’s important for students to know I travel often, love baseball, and can describe why using first-person may dilute a writer’s argument.  It’s equally important for students to make connections between their personal lives and our reading assignments.  The self assurance gained in classroom conversation or online discussion is positively related to how receptive students are and how much they enjoy working at difficult tasks, which is imperative in any workplace.        

Beyond writing clear assignments and addressing student questions, I guide students to use Canvas course assistant software efficiently.  All course materials can be accessed through Canvas, allowing students to work independently and within an online learning community.  This requirement allows students to work at 6:30 AM or 11:00 PM, view their graded assignments at any time, and show prospective employers they can adapt to new technology with minimal training.