Brandie Bohney


Ms. Brandie Bohney

Position: Teaching Associate
Address: East Hall 399A

Many students enter GSW thinking that their writing is little short of a dumpster fire but hoping to become so skilled that their first drafts will be masterpieces. Through their writing courses, though, I want students to realize that all writing is a dumpster fire at some point--it’s messy, it stinks, it’s problematic--and that’s the way it is for every writer. The real meat of writing is learning to turn the dumpster fire into something useful and effective: through strong revision and focus on the rhetorical situation, we turn our dumpsters into recycling bins. As others in the program have voiced, I hope that my students come to realize that their rewriting is more critical to successful meaning-making than their initial writing and that first drafts are never final drafts (this bio has been through at least a dozen revisions and looks nothing like its dumpster origins). With an emphasis on improvement in every piece, I seek to guide students to a better understanding and use of revision with audience, purpose, and context ever in consideration.