Blue Profitt


Blue Profitt

Position: Teaching Associate
Address: East Hall 315C

In order to write well, one must read well. My General Studies Writing course combines the close reading of personal narratives, short fiction, and film with the habits of mind emphasized by the GSW department. I believe that we should eliminate the anxiety of influence and embrace the styles and approaches that we can learn from writers who came before us.

Writing is intrinsic. The desire to revise and improve comes from within the student, and my course focuses on one broad question: What makes you… you? It is important to me that students learn that no matter which academic route they take, they must write, and their writing is a reflection of who they are—their passions. Writing is a visible echo of the self. This is what motivates GSW students to produce their best work.

A native of Detroit, I earned my bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Michigan. When I am not writing, I enjoy watching The Office on Netflix and holding entire conversations with nothing but its quotes.