Barb Toth


Dr. Barb Toth

Position: Teaching Faculty
Phone: 419-372-8228
Address: 337 East Hall

I believe in the reciprocity of teaching and learning and see that when I am not learning, I am not teaching. I take my main cues from students even when these may disagree with the scholarship although scholarship informs my teaching approach each semester.

I believe in the power of posing honest questions and encourage my students to follow their lines of inquiry wherever they lead.

I value the forgiveness of revision, the hope and joy of another chance.

I resist narcissism and arrogance and teach my students to do the same. One form of resistance, key to my pedagogy, is to reflect on not only the research per se but also the frames through which we view the research. As Ludwig Wittgenstein explained: “One thinks that one is tracing the outline of the thing’s nature over and over again, and one is merely tracing the frame through which we look at it.”

I believe all students are capable of learning through various methods including problematizing, collaboration, research, reflection, and particularly writing as it is itself a most powerful method of learning.

In short, I respect writing, the teaching of it, and most especially care about the well being of my students.