Bailey Poland


Ms. Bailey Poland

Position: Teaching Associate
Address: East Hall 330

Entering the writing classroom can be an intimidating experience. My goal as an instructor is to create an encouraging, welcome, and student-centered environment. My teaching strategy involves allowing students to learn how to approach writing not as a single skill that they must perform perfectly, but as a set of related and contextual activities they can apply to a variety of situations. Key to this is guiding my students to ask what writing is, and to allow them to create, examine, and modify print, digital, and multimodal texts as they come to an answer.

My motto for my own work and my students’ is that writing is rewriting. I hope to help students think about and engage with writing as a process and as an ongoing conversation, not just with the blank page and a gradebook, but with their peers and wider community. Collaboration, discussion, and practice are central to my classroom