Amy Rybak


Ms. Amy Rybak

Position: Senior Lecturer
Phone: 419-2728
Address: 202 East Hall

I encourage my students to see writing as a process, one that emphasizes prewriting and revision techniques. I spend a lot of time conferencing individually with students and I find that this, more than anything, helps student writers internalize the steps needed to eventually complete the process on their own. While they are composing, I encourage students to take advantage of the insights of other writers including their peers, parents, teachers from other classes, and the Writing Center tutors. When designing assignments, I always try to create opportunities for “real life application” to help my students see their writing as more than “just another English essay.” It is my hope that my students will sense the influence that their writing can have on others, and that they can - in a way - "change the world with their writing.”

Winner of Arts and Sciences 2006-2007 Distinguished Instructor/Lecturer Award


Co-editor of Voices and Values, volumes I and II --  a collection of essays written by BGSU Honors students and faculty/staff members in response to their reading of the Common Reading Experience, This I Believe (2010-2011).

"The Value of Meeting with Professors,."  an article written for the First Year Connections Newsletter, a publication of the office of BGSU First Year Programs (2011).


"Demystifying College Writing." Workshop with first-year students as part of the First Year Success Series (FYSS), September 2011.

"Healthy, Wealthy, and Independently Wise: Evolution Within a Stand-Alone Writing Program."  Paper presented at CCCC, March 2006.