Amanda McGuire Rzicznek


Ms. Amanda McGuire Rzicznek

Position: Senior Lecturer
Phone: 419-372-4660
Address: 442 East Hall

Before students can be expected to write effectively they must be given the tools to do so. My goal is to engage students with the basics of writing: audience, thesis/focus, organization/structure, development, and grammar. I accomplish this goal by explaining these basic concepts of writing during in-class lectures. After lecturing, I provide students with examples and exercises to reinforce the aforementioned concepts. Also, by providing students with careful and liberal feedback on their rough and final drafts as well as conferencing with them one-to-one, I further emphasize how they can apply the material presented in class to their writing assignments in the Composition classroom and writing assignments for courses in other disciplines. Additionally, through exercises such as in-class writing and collaborative groups, it is my hope that students are able to express their thoughts on paper without feeling outside pressures (from themselves, peers, or even me). I believe that it is my responsibility to help students feel comfortable in their roles as writers and readers. Ultimately, through my student-centered teaching philosophy and pedagogy, my goal is to teach students writing matters, especially their writing.



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