GSW 1100/1110 Grading Descriptors

When assigning grades to essays in GSW 1100 and 1110, each of the six rubric categories may receive an evaluation of "Pass," "Almost Pass," or "No Pass." If any categories of the rubric earn an evaluation of "Almost Pass" or "No Pass," the essay must receive a "No Pass" or an "Almost Pass."

If the essay passes all categories of the rubric, a grade of “Passing” will be assigned, based on GSW standards.

GSW 1100/1110 Grading Descriptors

  • Passing (P) essay shows good control in all of the categories of the rubric. Although there may be a few minor problems, the entire essay is generally well-written and clearly and effectively communicates its ideas.
  • An Almost-Passing (AP) essay shows a combination of strengths and weaknesses on the rubric. There is room for improvement in some rubric categories of the essay and the essay does not consistently communicate its ideas clearly and effectively. An Almost-Pass means the essay is not passing, but it is getting close to being a passing essay.
  • No-Passing (NP) essay shows a serious weakness in at least one category of the rubric, and other categories may need attention, too. The overall quality of the essay is significantly hindered because of these weaknesses.

GSW 1110 Course Grades

If the student’s work passes the portfolio assessment at the end of the term, the student will receive an S (Satisfactory) grade for the course. An S will appear on the transcript, but it will not be calculated into the grade point average.

Because GSW 1120 is a challenging course that focuses exclusively upon research-supported, argumentative academic writing, it is extremely necessary for students to enter into GSW 1120 with a solid grasp of the writing skills taught in GSW 1110. However, the GSW Program acknowledges that writing is a skill that takes some students longer than others to master. For both of these reasons, if the work is not eligible for the Portfolio Assessment, or if the student has met all of the course requirements but the work does not pass the Portfolio Assessment, the student will receive an NC (No Credit) for GSW 1100/1110. An NC allows a student to repeat GSW 1100/1110 without any negative effect upon his/her grade point average.