Teaching Resources for ITAs

Teaching Interactively

In the U.S. classroom, instructors are expected to teach interactively. In other words, the classroom is expected to be student-centered rather than teacher-centered. To teach interactively, make sure to involve your students in the learning process through conducting activities and frequently checking students' understanding of the content. Watch this YouTube video to learn various strategies you can implement in your classroom in order to keep students engaged.

Effective Communication

Cultural norms and expectations may sometimes stand in the way of effective communication between instructors and students. Watch this YouTube video to learn different tips and strategies that can help you communicate effectively with your students.

Student Expectations from ITAs

Student expectations vary across cultures. Watch this video by Vanderbilt University to learn about common American student expectations from ITAs.

Surviving and Thriving in American Academia

Nadine Le Gros, from The University of Western Ontario, created this elaborate resource to familiarize ITAs with the American classroom culture, help ITAs maintain a healthy relationship with their advisors/supervisors, and provide ITAs with some language skills needed in an academic setting. 

Videos: The User-friendly Classroom

A.C. Kemp, a lecturer at MIT Global Studies and Languages, created this series of videos in which she addresses U.S. classroom culture and undergraduate students' expectations of ITAs. In those videos, ITAs can find authentic examples of successful instruction and student-instructor interactions as well as advice from ITAs at MIT.