Tips from Experienced ITAs

A few experienced ITAs are excited to share some tips with you:

One key component to sucess in the American classroom is to be "humble but confident."

--Dai Zehui, PhD Student Media and CommunicationDai Zehui

"If your students react in a confused manner, do not jump into the conclusion that they hate you because you are a non-domestic TA. As much as it may be our first interaction with domestic students in an American classroom, it may be their first interaction with a teacher from another country in their classroom. They might be simply nervous." --Emi Kanemoto

The bottomline is to "be confident, be happy, and be proud of who you are." --Emi Kanemoto,

PhD Student Media Communication

"If you are still practicing a specific sound in the English language and you haven't mastered it yet, use the board as a compensation strategy. In other words, write down on the board any words or phrases you may be struggling to pronounce clearly. This way, students will be able to follow your instruction more easily."--Soha Youssef

"Being comprehensible is vital to effective instruction. So your goal should be for students to be able to understand you. If your pronunciation is clear, students will be able to focus on the content you are delivering instead of them trying to figure out what you're trying to say."--Soha Youssef, PhD Student Rhetoric & Composition Writing