Devine Fellowships

devine fellowshipThese fellowships were established in memory of Richard Devine, an extraordinary, talented fiction writer in the MFA program until his untimely death in an automobile accident in 1970. The award provides four graduate writers--two poets and two fiction writers--with non-service summer fellowships to support their writing. The award is judged by one poet and one fiction writer of national reputation outside our university and program. Outside judges are selected by the Creative Writing faculty at BGSU. Below is an excerpt from Richard Devine's short story, "Parenthesis," which appeared in theĀ INTRO Awards Anthology.

"It was Sunday and a free day. I walked out into the trees, away from home. The buildings empty now. Home absurd. A time for visiting the old beaches, looking for the scars.... I thought I knew every tree, each turn in the stream. The creek, who sees it now, running weakly between the bosoms of the trees. But I had missed most of it or all. Finally, crossing the stream and wandering into the deep, through where the cows lived, I sat alone, my back against a fence post. I was in the center of an empty patch of field. Nothing growing, no crops or cows and yet it was someone's farmland. Birds flew out of trees, overhead and back again. Lengths of rusted iron were still wrapped about the decaying gray substance of the post wood, they reached out above me like thin arms waving in the windless air. I leaned back, staring up."