Environmental Policy & Analysis

Environmental Policy and Analysis is available for students with a commitment to environmental quality and an interest in the administrative, legislative and organizational problems that result from human impact on the natural and the constructed world. Each student selects an area of emphasis keyed to individual career goals in environmental planning, sustainable management, outdoor recreation, environmental education and interpretation, environmental law, or other appropriate fields.

Our students majoring in Environmental Policy and Analysis take course work focusing in the social sciences, including geography, economics, and political science. Each student identifies a particular area of emphasis related to her or his career goals. A capstone course and internship well prepare each graduate to work as part of an interdisciplinary team contributing to finding practical solutions to complex environmental programs.

Our graduates work with issues such as changing patterns of resource use, protection of the wilderness, land restoration and preservation of unique areas and endangered species. Graduates are often employed as environmental organization administrators, planners, park rangers, technical report writers, naturalists, and recreation leaders. Career opportunities are plentiful, and our graduates also are well-prepared to pursue professional degrees (e.g. environmental law) and other advanced degrees.

Minor Available

Environmental Policy and Analysis learning outcomes are for students to achieve understanding of:

  • foundational material in biology, and geology or geography
  • the breadth of current critical environmental issues facing the planet
  • two topical areas of critical importance to environmental quality.    
  • disciplines in the social sciences and humanities critically linked to environmental studies

Details of course requirements for major and minor can be found on College of Arts and Sciences program pages

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