Two majors are offered, providing a full-complement of opportunities available to students interested in the environment and in sustainability. All majors provide career opportunities to baccalaureate level graduates, and further opportunities for advanced study in graduate and professional programs (including preparation in pre-medicine and pre-law).

Environmental Policy and Analysis is available for students with a commitment to environmental quality and an interest in the administrative, legislative and organizational problems that result from human impact on the natural and the constructed world. Each student selects an area of emphasis keyed to individual career goals in environmental planning, sustainable management, outdoor recreation, environmental education and interpretation, environmental laws, or other appropriate fields.

Environmental Science is the study of the biological and physical world as it is affected by natural and man-made activities. It is a field that has become increasingly important as we recognize our responsibilities for pollution, resource depletion, and land abuse. Our program places priority on the natural sciences. Students develop the skills needed to investigate, document, and solve environmental problems. Each student selects an area of emphasis and selects from a series of advanced courses in such fields as restoration ecology, watershed management, geospatial analysis, and sustainable management.

Academic Minors

The Department offers three minors to enhance students’ opportunities in their majors and to recognize understanding of specialized environmental knowledge.