Diversity Programs and Resources

In the College of Arts and Sciences, committed faculty from across the globe teach courses that prepare students for work and civic engagement in a diverse, global society. Our academic programs ask students to examine existing ideas of humanity and to develop strategies and skills that will help them face further challenges in working towards social justice.

Through service-learning, study abroad, and learning communities, students integrate theories and knowledge from the classroom about difference and diversity in real-world settings. We bring the diversity of the world to our students and prepare them to become responsible global citizens.


Art Samel [Chair], Geography, ansamel@bgsu.edu
Catherine Cassara, Journalism & PR, ccassar@bgsu.edu
Dryw Dworsky, Psychology, dworsky@bgsu.edu
Yuning Fu, School of Earth, Environment, and Society, yfu@bgsu.edu
Ken Garland, Journalism & PR, kgarlan@bgsu.edu
Jake Lee, Computer Science, leej@bgsu.edu
Farida Selim, Physics & Astronomy, faselim@bgsu.edu
Ewart Skinner, Media Production & Studies, eskinner@bgsu.edu
Angelica Vazquez Ortega, School of Earth, Environment, and Society, avazque@bgsu.edu
Yan Wu, Computer Sciences, yanwu@bgsu.edu
Dena Eber (ex-officio), Arts & Sciences, deber@bgsu.edu

The College of Arts and Sciences Diversity Award

The College of Arts and Sciences Diversity Award recognizes faculty leadership of student-led projects and initiatives related to diversity. Any full-time A&S faculty member is eligible for the A&S Diversity Award. Faculty members may nominate themselves, or they may be nominated by any member of the A&S community. Nominations are due by Friday, April 21, 2017. The award will be presented in April at the Arts & Sciences’ Diversity Network Reception and announced in August at the Arts & Sciences’ Opening Day ceremony by the College Dean.

Awards Criteria:

Educational influence on BGSU students is the main criterion that the A&S Diversity Committee will consider in determining the recipient of the A&S Diversity Award. The selected faculty member will have led a student project or initiative that increased awareness of at least one diversity related issue. Projects to be considered for recognition may be undertaken within the BGSU campus community or extend to off campus locations in order to foster change in local, state, national, and international communities.