Melissa Miller

Associate Professor
Political Science
Ph.D., Northwestern University

122 Williams Hall

Dr. Miller is a specialist on American politics whose work examines the political behavior of the U.S. electorate and the role played by the media in informing it. She is especially interested in how the media portrays women running for public office, and how such portrayals shape public perceptions of candidate fitness.

Research/Teaching Interests: American politics, American government, gender and politics, political participation, and political behavior.

Recent Publications:
Melissa K. Miller. “Membership Has Its Privileges: How Voluntary Groups Exacerbate the Participatory Bias,” Political Research Quarterly (forthcoming).

Melissa K. Miller, Jeffrey Peake, and Brittany Anne Boulton. “Testing the Saturday Night Live Hypothesis: Newspaper Coverage of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Presidential Campaign,” Politics & Gender, (forthcoming).

Melissa K. Miller. “Debating Group Structure: How Local, Translocal, and National Voluntary Organizations Promote Democracy,” Social Science Journal 46 (2009): 47-69.

Melissa K. Miller and Shannon K. Orr. “Experimenting with a ‘Third Way’ in Political Knowledge Estimation.” Public Opinion Quarterly 72.4 (2008): 768-780.

Recent Presentations:
Melissa K. Miller, Jeffrey Peake, and Brittany Anne Boulton. “You’ve Come a Long Way Baby? Press Coverage of Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign.” Annual Meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association (April 2009)

Jeffrey Peake and Melissa K. Miller. “Presidential Primaries and the News: Coverage of the 2008 Nomination Campaign.” Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association (August 2008).

Melissa K. Miller, Jeffrey Peake and Brittany Anne Boulton. “Testing the Saturday Night Live Hypothesis: A Study of Hillary Clinton’s Press Coverage.” Annual Meeting of the National Women’s Studies Association (June 2008).

Recent Awards & Recognitions:
Dr. Miller is the recipient of grants from the American Political Science Association and the Center for Research Libraries for a book a project assessing press coverage of the 2008 presidential campaign.  The study examines issues of gender, race, and religious bias in coverage during both the primary and general election seasons read in a total of 35 leading newspapers from across the United States. Dr. Miller is a Co-Principal Investigator with Dr. Jeffrey Peake, also of BGSU.
Dr. Miller also has worked as a public policy consultant.  In this capacity, she has co-authored reports on the effectiveness of welfare-to-work programs in the U.K., including Labour's New Deal for Lone Parents and Employment Zones.  In the U.S., she has participated in several large-scale evaluations of U.S. Department of Education initiatives.