Marilyn Motz

Associate Professor, Retired

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Ph. D. (American Culture), University of Michigan

Dr. Motz's  current research activities include a book-length study of the diaries of a husband and wife written during their courtship and during their involvement in guerrilla activities in Missouri during the Civil War. Other interests include research on the cultural meaning and history of the Barbie doll and the humor recorded in a turn-of-the-century woman's diary. Recent Graduate Courses: Theory and Methodology in Popular Culture; Teaching Popular Culture at the College Level; Writing and Revising for Publication. Undergraduate Courses: Folklore of the Great Lakes; Women's Folk Culture.

A few representative publications include the books, “Eye on the Future:Popular Culture Scholarship into the Twenty-First Century” (edited with Dr.Nachbar ), “Making the American Home: Middle-Class Women and Domestic Material Culture, 1840-1940” and “True Sisterhood: Michigan Women and Their Kin, 1820-1920” and the articles, “Visual Autobiography: Photograph Albums of Turn-of-the-Century Women,”“Folk Expression of Time and Place: Nineteenth-Century Midwestern Rural Diaries,” and “Garden As Woman: Creation of Identity in a Turn-of-the-Century Ohio Town.”

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