Black Music Culture 2008 Panel Sessions


Co-Area Chairs: William C. Banfield, Angela M. Nelson


San Francisco Marriott ( San Francisco, California)

Black Music Culture I: Jazz and Blues
#011, Wed., 3/19/08, 1230pm-200pm

Chair: Daniel Hartley, University of Maryland-College Park

No Weary Blues: Arlen and Koehler's Fantasized Harlem and the Cotton Club Parades
Malcolm Womack, University of Washington

Sun Ra's Interplanetary Cinematic Adventure: Jazz, Film Genres, and African American Cultural Politics in Space is the Place
Michael Borshuk, Texas Tech University

Writing Blue: Performing Spirituality, Freedom and Repetition in Blues Literature
Michael Perry, Arizona State University

Recuperating Blues in Walter Mosley's RL's Dream and Craig Brewer's Black Snake Moan
Daniel Hartley

Black Music Culture II: Hip-Hop Culture: Gender Identity, Music, and Movement
#112, Wed., 3/19/08, 630pm-800pm

Chair: Jason Nichols, University of Maryland & Words, Beats and Life Journal

Hip Hop's Disposable Bodies: Authenticity, Revolution, Commerce and Slavery
leon anthony james, New School University

From Party Tape to MP3 Download: A Cultural History of the Mixtape
Nicholas Schonberger, Words, Beats and Life Journal

Lean Wit' It: Masculinity and Movement within Hip Hop
Jason Nichols

Black Music Culture III: Blues/Hip-Hop Philosophy and Practice
#162, Thu., 3/20/08, 800am-930am

Chair: William C. Banfield, Berklee College of Music

Hip-Hop as Music and Production
Prince Charles Alexander, Berklee College of Music

"I Got What It Takes":  Willie Dixon's Work for Koko Taylor
Mitsutoshi Inaba, Independent Scholar

William C. Banfield

Black Music Culture: Area Meeting
#269, Thu., 3/20/08, 230pm-400pm

Chairs: William C. Banfield, Berklee College of Music and Angela M. Nelson, Bowling Green State University

The Black Music Culture Area Co-Chairs will lead an interactive session with the 2008 presenters to discuss the aims and purposes of the area, overview the panel presentations, and speculate on the reasons for the dearth of scholarship on black popular music (specifically, R & B and gospel) presented at the conference and the high volume of presentations on hip-hop culture.

Black Music Culture IV: Philosophy and Practice
#597, Fri., 3/21/08, 630pm-800pm

Chair: William C. Banfield, Berklee College of Music

Hip-Hop Music as Black Popular Culture
Angela M. Nelson, Bowling Green State University

Gospel Music Culture
Stephen Michael Newby, Seattle Pacific University

Rays of Hope: The Impact of Early Education Intervention through Music on Urban Children
Krystal P. Banfield, Berklee College of Music

Black Music as Cultural Code
William C. Banfield

Black Music Culture V: Philosophy and Practice IX
#606, Fri., 3/21/08, 830pm-1000pm

Chair: Gerwin Gallob, University of California, Santa Cruz
From Habermas to Hip Hop: Symbolic Power in the Black Public Sphere
Derrais Carter, University of Kansas
Ugly Edits: Theo Parrish and Black Aesthetic Militancy
Gerwin Gallob

Black Music Culture VI: Hip-Hop Culture 3: Tradition and Community Engagement
#664, Sat., 3/22/08, 1000am-1130am

Chair: Beauty Bragg, Georgia College and State University

21st Century Mojo: Hip Hop as a Conjuring Tradition
J. Sean Callahan, University of Georgia

"It Ain't Where You From, It's Where Your At": Navigating between Hip-Hop Culture and Local Community in Los Angeles
Sean Slusser, University of California, Riverside

Black Music, Black Literature: A Shifting Tradition
Beauty Bragg

Black Music Culture VII: Hip-Hop Culture: Hip-Hop and the Hero
#717, Sat., 3/22/08, 1230pm-200pm

Chair: Cutler Edwards, University of California, Davis

Kung-Fu Cowboys
Cutler Edwards

Black Music Culture VIII: Hip-Hop Culture 1: The Formation of the Hip-Hop Nation: Hustling, Seduction, Identity, Métissage and the Semiotics of Africanist Aesthetic
#737, Sat., 3/22/08, 230pm-400pm

Chair: Awad Ibrahim, University of Ottawa, Canada

From the 'hood to the Boardroom: Hip-Hop Hustling and the Practice of Capitalism with Ethics
Halifu Osumare, University of California, Davis

He Hollered and They Heard Him: Tupac, Thug Life, and the Scarface Corporate Agenda
Rev. Robero Prince, Bowling Green State University

Performing Identity: Hip-Hop, Race, Empire, and the Politics of Cultural Translation
Awad Ibrahim