African-American Popular Culture 2008 Panel Sessions

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35 W. Fifth St.
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Black Popular Music and Cultural Practices
Area: African-American Popular Culture I

“(Rara) Rap Haiti!: Wyclef Jean's Diasporic Remix as Trans-Atlantic Play/Transnational Political Protest,” Jana Evans Braziel, University of Cincinnati,

“African American Musical Influence on the Beatles: With Special Reference to Black Liverpool,” Mark Christian, Miami University,

“From Black CNN to History: Hip Hop as Memory,” Vivian Deno, Butler University,

Chair: Vivian Deno

Documentary Screening & Presentation: If Houses Could Talk
Area: African-American Popular Culture II

“’If Houses Could Talk’: Community Collaboration in Documenting the Legacy of a Historically Black Neighborhood,” Michael Washington, Northern Kentucky University, <>

If Houses Could Talk is a documentary that introduces viewers to the Hazelwood Community Association, a historically African American community in Cincinnati, Ohio. While the Hazelwood community has, for over the past two decades become racially integrated, the community association seeks to preserve and commemorate its century-old legacy as a Black neighborhood. In addition, this presentation will describe how collaboration with the Hazelwood Community Association on the planning, filming and post-editing resulted in a successful project.

Presenter/Chair: Michael Washington

Film and Visual Culture
Area: African-American Popular Culture III

“Negotiation as a Potential Framework for Understanding the Conflictive Perspectives Associated with Female Genital Mutilation,” Angelina Heron, Nova Southeastern University,

“Visual Arguments as Racist Rhetoric in Warner Bros. Picture's Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs,” Carlos Morrison, Alabama State University,

“J. P. Ball's Cartes-de-Visite Portraits during the Civil War,” Theresa Leininger-Miller, University of Cincinnati, <>

Chair: Theresa Leininger-Miller