Coverdell Fellows

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 ACS offers Coverdell Fellows a critical framework in which to consider the intersections of culture and power, as our program further transnationalizes its perspective in line with the latest trends in the fields of American Studies and Cultural Studies.

Our program communicates a sense of the complexity and diversity of the American national and transnational culture through systematic analysis of its elements. This approach is relevant equally to students who might pursue a career in education in some aspect of American culture and to those who might engage in such pursuits as advocacy, journalism, NGO’s, government, etc., where a knowledge of American culture is important. While the American studies component of the curriculum assures a common experience in culture study, the remainder of the courses allows an individualized educational experience.

In addition, concurrently with their degrees, ACS graduate students have the opportunity to earn graduate certificates in Ethnic Studies, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and Public History, all also administered by the School of Cultural and Critical Studies. The American Culture Studies Program is comparative and interdisciplinary in nature. It emphasizes the development of critical analytical and scholarly skills, and offers practical training to prepare students for academic and professional careers.

ACS offers students a curriculum that helps them analyze structures of inequality in and across cultures, including those of ethnicity, class, and gender. Furthermore, Internships in underserved communities are an integral part of each fellow’s degree. By sharing their Peace Corps experience and global perspective with the communities they serve here in the United States, returned volunteers are supporting the Peace Corps’ Third Goal commitment to strengthen Americans' understanding of the world and its people. Professional placements at non-profits and government organizations also help students further develop their skills. ACS will offer internships to Coverdell students to allow them to work with underserved populations in rural northwest Ohio as well as urban settings such as Toledo, OH (only 25 minutes away) and Detroit, MI (only 75 minutes away).

BGSU Fellows program will require that each Fellow complete at least 10 hours of volunteer service per academic school year, starting in Fall 2017


BGSU is a big supporter of Coverdell Fellows. For more, see the BGSU Graduate College Coverdell page and BGSU's Coverdell Fellowship site more information about current and former fellows. 


Coverdell Fellows receive tuition scholarships sufficient to pay for enough credits to complete their degrees in a timely manner, two years for the M.A., four years for the Ph.D.


Applicants for the Ph.D. program are expected to have earned an M.A. degree in an appropriate subject area, while applicants for the M.A. program are required to have an undergraduate degree in an appropriate subject area. The application process is the same for Coverdell Fellows as for other applicants. All applicants are expected to have a superior academic record. Fellows must also submit a signed copy of their Description of Service (DOS) upon acceptance.


In addition to an Online Graduate Application and Online Department Application, students must submit all undergraduate and graduate transcripts, current GRE scores, a statement of purpose, a writing sample, a CV, and three letters of recommendation.   For more detailed information visit our Admissions page.

Applications are due by January 15th. A faculty committee reviews all portfolios, and applicants are notified by late February.