Culture Club Annual Conference

Culture Under Construction:
Culture as Syncretism, Authenticity, and Experience

February 19, 2022 | 10:00AM - 6:30PM
Bowling Green State University

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Conference Schedule for download

A scholar who proposes to know culture unpacks objects, considers official narratives, and seeks out informants in a quest to know the nature of a great, not entirely settled, social text.

This winter BGSU’s Culture Club hopes to gather together the campus’s culture studies scholars and scholarship for a day of discussion and display that points to the motion, agents, and moments in Culture Under Construction.

February 19. 2022 | 2:00PM | Dr. James V. Wertsch
Memory as Syncretism:

Dr. WertschThe public controversy over The 1619 Project reflects an underlying tension between competing narratives about America’s past. For the past half century, the “City on a Hill” national narrative gained prominence in the U.S. as a way to make sense of the country’s past. But today a competing narrative that has been part of American culture for over a century has recently re-emerged to challenge this more optimistic view. This is the “Fear of Replacement by Others” narrative. Its appearance in elite circles of American society was marked by Madison Grant’s 1916 book The Passing of the Great Race, and has had a shadow presence in public discourse ever since. To analyze how such competing narratives operate, the speaker will propose a conceptual framework whose basic ingredients include: narrative as a cultural tool, underlying codes in the form of “narrative templates” and the habits they spawn, and “narrative dialogism.” These notions can help provide insight into how the Fear of Replacement narrative template functions as a shadowy alternative to the City on a Hill and how the two narrative templates “co-author” what speakers are saying in today’s public discourse.



Conference Zoom Link: 835 7654 2230
Conference Password: 1234
* Culture Under Construction Simple Schedule.pdf
Conference Schedule for download
Time Scheduled Activity
10:00AM Welcome Remarks
10:10AM-11:20AM Panel 1: Constructing Common Truths
  Gendered Language and Linguistic Evolution (or Imperialism?): Interrogating the Term Latinx
Hali Kivari

Ohio and Other ‘Questionable Creatures’: Cultural Boundaries of the Tumblr Blog Shittycryptids
Aurora Taylor

Athlete Activism: Exploring the Lived Experiences of Black WNBA players
Emma Calow
11:30AM-1:00PM Panel 2: Electric Possibilities
  Technoculture in Performance: Black and Indigenous Performance--Presented by the Pan-African Theatre Ensemble and the Afro Caribbean Ensemble
Dr. D. A-R. Forbes-Erickson | Dr. Sidra Lawrence

“Doing Things Right”?: Incorrect Play and the Speedrunning Community
Dylan Reid Miller

Love Does Not Conquer All: Netflix’s Bridgerton and Race
Lily Fritsch

Hollow Life: A Marxist Reading of HBO’s Succession and White Lotus
Addy Malinowski | Lisa Youngs
1:00PM-2:00PM Lunch Break
2:00PM-3:20PM Conference Keynote

Memory as Syncretism: How Communities and Nations Craft Meaning from Multiple Histories
Dr. James V. Wertsch
3:30PM-5:00PM Panel 3: I Sold My Soul to the Company Store
  Ska Goes Yee-Haw!: Strategically Capitalizing "Bandcamp Friday" During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Steven Stendebach

Regulated Tradition: Bourbon’s Use of Government Oversight in Establishing Nostalgia and Quality
Justin Kindelt

Hard Men and Soft Power: 21st Century US Weaponization of Popular Culture and Media in Geopolitics
Benjamin Thomason

“Protecting Our Very Way of Life from a Great Evil”: Call of Duty: Cold War and Constructing Affective, Commodified Historical Narratives
Tyler Wertsch
5:10PM-6:20PM Panel 4: Zen and the Art of Viewing Wheelies
  A Boy and His Wheels: Consumed Nostalgia in Christine (1983) and Pee-wee’s Big Adventure (1985)
Logan Johnson

“It Can’t All Be Sorrow”: Confronting Trauma Through Television in Marvel’s WandaVision
Bryan Bove

More Than a Theater Geek: How Theater Fandom Exists and Impacts Theater Culture 
Courtney Bliss
6:20PM Closing Remarks

Culture Under Construction: Culture as Syncretism, Authenticity, and Experience is presented by the Bowling Green State University graduate student organization Culture Club. Culture Club gathers, supports, and showcases the study of culture by BGSU graduate students. Most--but never all--Culture Club members are working towards a BGSU School of Cultural and Critical Studies graduate degree or certificate in American Studies, Ethnic Studies, Popular Culture Studies, or Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

Abstract submissions from all fields welcome. Abstract submissions from undergraduates, graduates, established scholars, and professionals/enthusiasts welcome.

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