Culture Club Annual Conference


February 25, 2023
Bowling Green State University

BGSU Culture Club presents:
Action/Reaction Conference
Febuary 25, 2023

Conference organizers anticipate that presenters and attendees might together consider:

  • How do people react to cultural shifts and how do cultural shifts react to people?
  • How is culture deployed as a tool for change?
  • What is the role(s) of culture studies and the scholar in the practice of culture?
  • What examples are there in past and present where culture was the forerunner of action an/or reaciton?
  • How do we see the funciton of culture as an agent of action/reaction in the future?

Possible topics include but not limited to:

  • Texts, authors, and readers/readings
  • Media and communication studies
  • History and narratives as actions/reactions
  • Culture wars
  • Evolving structures of identity
  • Modern technologies and everyday life
  • Subcultures, music communities, and fan studies
  • Social justice, activism, and community based learning

Interested scholars are asked to submit an abstract of no more than 250 words to Submissions should include: the name(s), affiliation(s), and title(s) of the
presenter(s), the presentation title, and professional contact information. Abstracts are due by
December 31, 2022.

For more information please see the call for papers

Information Coming Soon!

Information Coming Soon!


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