Culture Club Annual Conference

Culture(s) in Conversation: Environments, Landscapes, and Ecologies

February 15, 2020
Bowling Green State University

Culture Club's upcoming Culture(s) in Conversation Symposium which will occur February 15, 2020. Culture Club is a School of Cultural and Critical Studies graduate student run organization that curates a yearly symposium dedicated to the study of culture. 

This year our focus will be on environments, landscapes, and ecologies. Our symposium takes a broad view of environment and is seeking contributions that interpret the concept of environment culturally, materially, conceptually, or historically. 

If you have questions, please contact: Stevie Scheurich at

Special thanks to our co-sponsors including the School of Cultural and Critical Studies (CCS), the Graduate Student Senate (GSS), and the Institute for the Study of Culture and Society (ICS)
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