Credit by Exam

The Department of Computer Science provides the opportunity for credit by examination for several undergraduate courses.


The University regulations regarding credit by examination are as follows:

  • The student must be currently enrolled for at least two hours of credit.
  • The student must not have been previously enrolled in the course.
  • The student must present sufficient evidence of prior study or experience in the examination area.
  • The course cannot be a prerequisite for any course the student has completed.
  • The examination must be completed within four weeks of approval.
  • This option may not be repeated for a given course.
  • A fee is assessed for a credit-by-exam course. (See University policy for fee amount.)
  • Credit by Examinations are graded on an S/U basis.


Credit-by-exam (written exam and a project) is available for the following computer science courses:

  • CS 1000
  • CS 1010
  • CS 2010
  • CS 2020
  • CS 3600


If you wish to explore the possibility of receiving credit by examination for a particular course, contact the department's Undergraduate Coordinator. If the Undergraduate Coordinator recommends that you proceed with the credit by examination process, obtain the appropriate request forms from Office of the College of Arts and Sciences. Once you have filled in the information requested on the forms, take them to the Department of Computer Science for the signature of the department Chair, and to the Office of the College of Arts and Sciences for the signature of the College Dean. Then go to the Office of the Bursar to pay the fee. Completed forms should then be submitted to the Office of the Registrar. Finally, contact the Undergraduate Coordinator to make arrangements for taking the examination.