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Description: Computer technology and related social issues. Hardware, software, applications in diverse areas. Problems concerning computerized services, data banks, governmental controls. Problem solving using software packages (such as hypertext, spreadsheets, word processing, database, presentation graphics, etc.).

Credit not applicable toward a major in computer science.

Prerequisite: None

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Instructor: Mr.  Conway and Mr. Shaeffer

Description: Problem solving and algorithm development. Basic programming concepts including elementary data types, arrays, strings, files, control structures, and functions. Searching and sorting algorithms. Testing and debugging strategies.

Prerequisite: Math placement score of 32 or MATH 99 or higher.

Note: 1st day attendance policy

Instructor: Ms. Carlson

Description: Impact of computers, the Internet and related computer technology on society and the social forces underlying the rapid and widespread adoption of computer technology. Personal privacy, intellectual property, legislative and constitutional issues, changing labor force composition, professional ethics. Not a programming course.

Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in CS 2010.

Instructor: Ms. Rex

Description: Introduction to software security and secure programming guidelines. Basic security issues of programming languages, C and C++, secure coding.

Prerequisite: CS 2020.

Instructor: Dr. Kresman

Topic: Python for Computational and Data Sciences

Description: Accelerated introduction to Python. Python for solving computational problems in STEM domains (physics, chemistry, biology, earth sciences, math and computer science). Generic and domain-specific libraries and tools. Introduction to data variety, analysis, and visualization.

Prerequisite: (CS 2020 and Math 1310) or consent of instructor

Instructor: Dr. Kresman

Topic: IoT and Data Processing

Description: The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a front runner in the computing industry where huge amounts of data are collected, transferred, processed, and analyzed to give quick feedback.  Typical applications include: smart home, smart cars, smart city, smart healthcare, etc. This course focuses on IoT infrastructure and it's computational needs. We look in depth at Edge and Cloud computing which is the heart of IoT computation.

Prerequisite: Admission to CS MS program of permission of instructor.

Instructor: Dr. Rajaei