MS Degree Specialization in Software Engineering

This specialization is designed for students who want a focused study of software engineering. The program provides intensive studies in software development methodologies, software design, and quality assurance and management. The prerequisites for this program are the same as for the general computer science program. Students wishing to earn this specialization must complete the following requirements in addition to the requirements for the MS in Computer Science Degree.

  1.   Take all of the following:

    • CS 5540    Software Engineering Project (Spring)
    • CS 5620:   Database Management Systems (Fall) (Waived if Undergraduate or Equivalent)
    • CS 5550:   Software Architecture and Design
    • CS 5560:   Software Testing and Quality Assurance

  2.   Choose 3 of the following:

    • CS 6150: Reliable Computing
    • CS 6310: Secure Software Engineering
    • CS 6640: Software Engineering
    • CS 6650: Human Issues in Computing