Installing Visual Studio

Note:    As of Fall 2016 the download from Kivuto for the Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition comes as an ISO file. Windows 10 allows you to natively mount an ISO. In Windows 7 you will need to download a utility that will allow you to mount the ISO like it's a drive. Virtual CloneDrive ( is one that has been around for a while and easy to use.


These instructions assume that you are installing Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition on your personal computer system. The settings below are suggestions only and indicate the typical setup in a computer lab on campus.

In order to add all parts of Visual C++ please select a Custom installation:

custom screen


Click Next.  Expand the Programming Languages and check the Visual C++ box. Your screen should look like below:

add c

After selecting Visual C++ click Next and then click Install.  When finished you should see the following dialog. Click LAUNCH to start Visual Studio.

setup finish

Visual Studio Sign-in and Default Environment Settings

The first time you start Visual Studio, you will see the following screen. Select Not now, maybe later so you don't have to use your Microsoft Account.

vs signin

Next Visual Studio will ask about your Development Settings.  Select General as shown:

vs settings

After this step Visual Studio should open and be ready to use!