Faculty Mentoring Program

The Faculty Mentoring Program (FMP) was initially established in Fall Semester 2012 to retain diverse faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences. Since its establishment, the focus and scope of the FMP has expanded. In addition to retaining diverse faculty, the FMP aims to enhance the professional development of mentees and mentors, foster productive partnerships among both tenure-track and non-tenured faculty from many diverse backgrounds, and help participants meet specific teaching and research goals. Our program recognizes that strong mentoring relationships can improve the scholarly, professional, and psychosocial lives of both mentors and mentees.

Numerous studies have found that formal mentoring programs are important to faculty development and retention, especially for faculty of color and women (Gibson, 2006; Mullen and Hutinger, 2008; Smith, Smith, and Markham, 2000; Sorcinelli and Yun, 2007). The FMP is designed to facilitate the professional development and retention of diverse faculty by creating a culture in which they are institutionally and communally supported to become successful and satisfied faculty members at BGSU.

The FMP is based on a “multi-mentor network” model (Sorcinelli and Yun, 2007). Mentees are paired with two mentors, one at the College-level and one at the department/program-level. Matches will be based on perceived needs/interests of the mentee at the time of entry, but they will also be based on self-disclosed identity. Research on mentoring suggests that same-gender or same-race mentor matches are important for the retention and success of minority faculty (Gibson, 2006; Smith, Smith, and Markham, 2000), so every attempt will be made to ensure that at least one of the mentee’s mentors matches him/her in terms of gender, race/ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or other self-disclosed identity.

For details please refer to the Program Handbook.

Program Oversight

A subcommittee from the College of Arts and Sciences' Diversity and Inclusion Committee oversees the FMP. If you have questions or concerns, please contact one of the Faculty Mentoring Program Subcommittee members.  A list of these members can be found on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee Member Page.