The Perceived Sanctification of Marriage, Pregnancy, and the Transition to Parenthood

Mahoney, Annette (PI)
Pargament, Kenneth I. (Co-I)
DeMaris, Alfred (Co-I)

Through a Sacred Lens: Creating New Spiritual Knowledge about Marriage, Pregnancy, and the Transition to Parenthood. Funded by the John Templeton Foundation for the period May 15, 2005 to May 14, 2009. Total award: $1,192,043.

This longitudinal project collected four waves of data on 164 couples expecting their first child (3rd trimester and when baby was 3, 6 and 12 mo old; retention rate of 95% of participants). The overarching goal of the project is to examine various spiritual dimensions of the transition to parenthood. Of particular interest is the impact of parental self-reports of the sanctification of the couple's relationship, the sanctification of pregnancy, and the sanctification of becoming a new parent on post-partum family life, including marital, parent-child, and child adjustment. Other novel constructs under investigation that deal with the integration of spirituality into family dynamics. These include dyadic spiritual activities between the spouses and triadic family spiritual activities, spiritual intimacy between spouses, and spiritual resources, including positive and negative religious coping by each spouse and how the couple integrates religion/spirituality into their relationship to deal with marital conflict and other family stressors. Outcome variables include videotaped observations of marital, mother-infant, father-infant, and triadic family interactions as well as parental self-reports about their relationship, parenting, and their own and the baby's adjustment.


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