Second Chance Act Two-Phase Juvenile Reentry Program

Carolyn Tompsett (Co-PI)
Adam Watkins (Co-PI)

Second Chance Act Two-Phase Juvenile Reentry Program (Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention)

Recidivism data shows that Lucas County Juvenile Court’s (LCJC) Reentry Continuum is not meeting important needs of youth returning from the Ohio Department of Youth Services (ODYS). Youth placed at Lucas County’s Youth Treatment Center (YTC) also exhibit unacceptable recidivism rates.  Recidivism rates of both institutions compromise the welfare and safety of residents and raise concerns about the futures of youth returning to the community. Through the Integrated Reentry Process (IRP) LCJC hopes to 1)reduce recidivism and enhance public safety, 2)provide case management services that begin at the time a youth is removed from their home and that address each youth’s criminogenic needs and risk factors, 3)maintain cognitive based treatment at the appropriate dosage levels, 4)integrate cognitive based, pro-social skill building and job training through a formalized curriculum used by the Community Integration and Training for Employment (CITE) program which provides job readiness training with paid work experience, 5)provide smooth transition into educational services from the institution to the home school, 6)reduce disparity for minority youth in the use of secure confinement, and 7)conduct an extensive, process evaluation and outcome evaluation of all services in the IRP.  OJJDP has permission to share this abstract and contact information with private funders.