Healthy Marriages/Healthy Relationships Evaluation

Wendy Manning (PI)
Healthy Marriages/Healthy Relationships Evaluation
Healthy Marriages Grand Rapids and Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services

Beginning in July 2006 and continuing through March 2007 we conducted a multi-method assessment of the Grand Rapids Healthy Marriages Healthy Relationships (HMHR) programs Family Wellness and No Jerks. This assessment involved two separate waves of in-depth interviews and survey data that addressed the views and experience of program participants. These qualitative, longitudinal data provided the unique opportunity to offer a nuanced assessment of participants’ opinions and beliefs about relationships with an emphasis on how program lessons were implemented six months subsequent to completion of the program. The project revealed the complex lives of participants and highlighted their views and experiences in the program. These perspectives provided an important supplement to traditional programmatic evaluations and helped improve policies and programs aimed at supporting and sustaining healthy marriages and relationships.

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