Cohabitation Over the Life Course

Brown, Susan L . (PI).
Children’s Developmental Outcomes in Cohabiting Unions. K01 Mentored Research Scientist Development Award, NICHD. 5 years

In this project, I use secondary data (e.g., Add Health) and qualitative data from semi-structured interviews to extend prior research on the effects of family structure on child development to include those living in cohabiting families. I consider the significance of the family environment at the person, process, and context levels for the development of youth in cohabiting families, paying special attention to the complications presented by poverty and minority status.


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Brown, Susan L. (PI)
Lee, Gary R. (Co-I)
Union Transitions and Cohabitation among Older Adults . R03, NIA. 2 years.

We use data from the 1998-2002 Health and Retirement Study to examine cohabitation among adults older than age 51. In addition to constructing a portrait of older cohabitors and describing how they compare to those in other marital statuses, we also estimate event history models predicting the formation and dissolution of cohabiting unions in older adulthood.


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