News 2013

Wendy Manning: "U.S. Birth Rate Drops as More Women Say 'No' to Motherhood"
Toledo Blade, December 8, 2013

Susan Brown: "More Married Women Are Not Having Children, U.S. Study Finds"
Los Angeles Times, December 7, 2013

Wendy Manning: "Living Alone on the Rise"
Newswise, December 5, 2013

Susan Brown: "Marriage as a 'Luxury Good': The Class Divide in Who Gets Married and Divorced"
Today , October 26, 2013

"Saving Your Retirement From a Divorce"
Forbes, October 21, 2013

Wendy Manning, "What Do You Call the Person You Are Probably Never Going to Marry?"
Slate, October 3, 2013

Alfred DeMaris, Annette Mahoney, Kenneth Pargament, "Does Religion Increase or Decrease Parental Stress", September 22, 2013

Susan Brown, "Remarriage Rate Declining as More Opt for Cohabitation"
USA Today, September 12, 2013

Karen Guzzo, "Teen Drug Use Increases When There Are Half-Siblings at Home"
Huffington Post, August 12, 2013

Susan Brown and Wendy Manning, "Saying 'I Do' Not so Common Anymore"
Toledo Blade, July 27, 2013

Susan Brown, "Women Are Waiting Longer than Ever to Marry - If at All", July 24, 2013

CFDR Research Affiliates Featured in the NCFR Report, Family Focus section
Susan Brown and I-Fen Lin, "The Gray Divorce Revolution" and Karen Benjamin Guzzo on "Unintended Childbearing in the United States"
NCFR Report, Summer 2013

Susan Brown and Wendy Manning, "Marriage Rate Drops to Lowest in a Century: Study"
New York Daily News, July 19, 2013

Wendy Manning, "Marriage Rate May be Low, but More Weddings Predicted"
USA Today, June 17, 2013

Wendy Manning, "Ohio's Large Cities Losing Population"
Dayton Daily News, May 22, 2013

Susan Brown discusses marriage and parenting
Chicago Tribune, May 14, 2013

Susan Brown on Recession and Birthrates for Less-educated Women
Los Angeles Times , May 11, 2013

Ray Swisher, "As Fathers Falter, Gangs Fill the Void" 
Toledo Blade,
April 30, 2013

Wendy Manning named Distinguished Research Professor at BGSU
The award recognizes professors who have established outstanding national and international recognition through research and publication.

Susan Brown, "More Couples Living Together Outside of Marriage"
, April 4, 2013

Susan Brown, "A 'Gray Divorce' Boom"
Los Angeles Times,
March 31, 2013

Ray Swisher on Youths' Views on Mortality
The Daily Nebraskan, March 29, 2013

Susan Brown on Delayed Marriages and Unwed Births
USA Today, March 15, 2013

Susan Brown, "Almost Half of First Babies in U.S. Born to Unwed Mothers"
CBS News, March 15, 2013

Karen Guzzo, "Reverse Guilt: Moms feel guilty for...not feeling guilty", March 5, 2013

Wendy Manning leads ASA's review of family structure and children's well-being research for Amicus Brief Filed with U.S. Supreme Court in Same-Sex Marriage Cases.  Professor Manning, Director of the Center for Family & Demographic Research (CFDR) and Co-Director of the National Center for Family and Marriage Research (NCFMR) led an American Sociological Association (ASA) examination of social science evidence about children's well-being in same-sex and heterosexual parenting relationships.  The ASA's review of the literature finds that children fare as well in both types of relationships and thus unsubstantiated fears about same-sex parenting do not justify upholding DOMA and Proposition 8.  The ASA's amicus brief was filed February 28, 2013.

Research by Sarah Halpern-Meekin, Wendy Manning, Peggy Giordano and Monica Manning cited in "Emerging adults have 'sex with ex' as part of reconciliation"
Malaysia Sun , January 23, 2013