Demographic Research Services

Applied demographers employ the concepts and methods of demographic research to aid in practical decision-making in a timely and fiscally efficient manner. At Demographic Research Services (DRS), we have a pointed focus on the production of information and analysis geared toward solutions. This framework guides DRS analysts in our mission.

The DRS Mission

  • To produce demographic information and analyses that are accessible to a wide audience
  • To provide clients with population data, analysis, and research support tailored to their specific needs

Who We Are
DRS fills the gap between ready-made population statistics and the vast amount of raw data available, conducting targeted research for clients across the Midwest. We are housed within the Department of Sociology at Bowling Green State University and the Center for Family and Demographic Research (CFDR), an Ohio State Data Center affiliate in partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau. Through these resources, we have the access and expertise to tap into the most current demographic data to help our clients. Our experts range from graduate research assistants to on-staff data analysts to academic faculty. Our affiliates establish contracts with external agencies and oversee the tasks of graduate assistants working on the project.

What We Do | Examples of DRS Services
DRS provides a variety of services to a variety of audiences beyond BGSU. These include but are not limited to:

  • Production of Population Profiles
    For over a decade, applied staff under the CFDR have produced the Ohio Population News, covering state issues such as shifting congressional apportionment, the well-being of elderly populations, migration into and out of Ohio, and changing patterns of welfare receipt. For a complete archive, see:
  • Collection and Analysis of Data
    DRS contract projects have included analysis and reports on Medicaid use in Ohio, community needs assessments, and the development of web-based surveys and school-based program evaluations. In addition, DRS has created forecasts of potential users on commuter routes, analyzed data collected by clients, and organized focus groups. 
  • Customized Fact-Finding
    We routinely provide current and historical information on key statistics and trends to journalists, researchers, and agencies upon request.
  • Production of How-To Guides
    DRS has numerous guides for statistical analysis and programming, and data management for Excel, SPSS, SAS, and Stata, as well as large data sets including Census, ACS, CPS, SIPP, and Add Health. For more, see:

Some basic tasks may be provided at no cost, but more extensive requests are subject to fees. Projects vary greatly in scope and complexity, so costs vary accordingly.

Inquiries should be directed to Libby Allen-Dachik at