Laura Landry-Meyer

Laura Landry-Meyer

Position: Associate Professor Family and Consumer Sciences
Phone: 419-372-7848

Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 1999

Professor Landry-Meyer's research addresses family gerontology issues with special focus on grandparent and kinship care, family policy with a focus on domestic violence, and collaborative practice within formal social service delivery systems. She has NIH/NIA funding to study multicultural grandparents and the care they provide grandchildren in the context of the public education system

Recent Publications:

Landry-Meyer, L. & Sturm, M. R. (Forthcoming). Developing connections: Using an on-campus event to connect HDFS students and the community. In T. Newman (Ed.), Field-based learning in family life education: Facilitating high-impact experiences in undergraduate family science programs.

Landry-Meyer, L. & Sturm, M.R. (2014). Developing connections: Using an on-campus event to connect HDFS students and the community. In T. Newman (Ed.). Field-Based Learning in Family Life Education: Facilitating High-Impact Experiences in Undergraduate Family Science Programs. Austin, TX: Stephen F. Austin State University Press.

Landry-Meyer, L. & Roe, J.R. (2013). Linking teaching methods and assessment to the developmental needs of family science students. Family Science Review, 18, 1, 117-133.

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Gerard, J.M., Landry-Meyer, L., & Roe, J.G. (2006). Grandparents raising grandchildren: The role of social support in coping with caregiving challenges. The International Journal of Aging and Human Development, 62(4), 359-383.

Landry-Meyer, L., Gerard, J.M., & Guzell, J.R. (2005). Caregiver stress among grandparents raising grandchildren: The functional role of social support. Marriage and Family Review, 37, 171-190.

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