Christine M. Englebrecht

Curriculum Vitae

Christine M. Englebrecht

Position: Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice Program
Phone: 419-372-9541

Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D., State University of New York at Albany

Dr. Englebrecht's primary research interests include victim acknowledgment and reporting to the police, the interaction of offenders, victims, and practitioners in the criminal justice system, and the link between immigration and crime. Recent research projects include an examination of victim participation in the criminal justice system and an exploration of the impact of homicide on surviving family members.

Recent Publications

Stinson, P.M., Liederbach, J., Brewer, S.L., Englebrecht, C.M., & Mathna, B.E. (Forthcoming).  Police sexual misconduct: Arrested officers and their victims. Victims & Offenders.

Englebrecht, C. M., Mason, D. T., & Adams, M .J. (2016). Responding to Homicide: An Exploration of the Ways in Which Family Members React to and Cope with the Death of a Loved One. Journal of Death and Dying, 73, 355-373. doi: 10.1177/0030222815590708

Reyns, B.W. & Englebrecht, C.M. (2014). Informal and formal help-seeking decisions of stalking victims in the United States.  Criminal Justice and Behavior, 41, 1178-1194.

Gonzalez, A., Chavez, J.M., & Englebrecht, C.M. (2014). Latina/o Vernacular Rhetoric: Arts Activism in Toledo’s Old South End.  Journal of Poverty, 18, 50-64.

Englebrecht, C.M., & Chavez, J.C.  (2014). Whose statement is it? An examination of victim impact statements delivered in court. Victims & Offenders, 9, 386-412.

Englebrecht, C.M., Mason, D.T., & Adams, M.J.  (2014). The experiences of homicide victims’ families with the criminal justice system: An exploratory study. Violence & Victims, 29, 407-421.   

Chavez, J. M., Englebrecht, C. M., Lopez, A., Viramontez Anguiano, R. P., & Reyes, J. R. (2013). Collateral Consequences: The impact of local immigration policies on Latino immigrant families in North Central Indiana. In David Brotherton, Daniel Stageman, & Shirley Leyro (Eds.), Outside Justice: Immigration and the criminalizing impact of changing policy and practice (pp. 69-89). New York, New York: Springer Press. (Refereed)

Reyns, B.W., & Englebrecht, C.M.  (2013). The Fear Factor: Exploring predictors of fear among stalking victims, Crime & Delinquency, 59, 788-808.