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The Department of Biological Sciences is a diverse group of faculty and students focused on the study of living organisms across a wide variety of scales from the cellular and molecular to the landscape scales. In addition, students and faculty regularly collaborate with colleagues in other departments and institutions to foster truly interdisciplinary approaches both in the classroom and in the research setting. Research strengths of the department include: Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyEcology and Conservation Biology and Neuroscience and Behavior.

The mission of the department is three-fold:
  • To provide high-quality instruction in Biology for undergraduate and graduate students
  • To conduct research of national and international significance in the field of Biology
  • To provide professional leadership to the national and international scientific communities

The department is proud of the education we provide students in our courses at all levels and the research experiences they gain in the laboratory and field. Our students are among the most competitive when they graduate and go on to succeed in their chosen field upon completion of their undergraduate or graduate work at the University.


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We offer three undergraduate majors (biology, microbiology and neuroscience), three specializations (Ecology and Conservation Biology; Marine and Aquatic Biology; Forensic Biology) and master's and doctoral degree work in the three areas of focus as well as in related areas.

Latest News in Bio

Dr. Dan Pavuk examines mosquitos in search of those carrying the Zika virus.

Notice an uptick in mosquitoes in northwest Ohio? You can thank climate change according to Dr. Dan Pavuk. Warmer summers mean longer mosquito seasons, and milder winters signify a higher survival rate for mosquitoes. Read more

CCP Falcon Grant Teachers Credentialed


Area teachers completed 18 credit hours of specialized Biology graduate courses and are now credentialed to teach college level courses are area high schools. The CCP program is available to students attending partnered high schools. If you're interesting in becoming a partner school or enrolling in CCP courses at your high school, you can find more information here.

Dr. Hans Wildschutte Research Awards

Dr. Hans Wildschutte, Associate Professor, enjoying a gorgeous spring day with Freida & Freddie. Hans recently won 2 research awards, the 2017 Outstanding Early Career Award and the 2017 Elliott L. Blinn Award for Faculty-Undergraduate Student Innovative Basic Research/Creative Work.

Way to go Hans!!


Dr. Ray Larsen receives Faculty Mentor Award

Dr. Ray Larsen was honored at the Undergraduate Research Symposium for his mentorship of undergraduate students. Kudos Ray! Read more

Dr. Moira Van staaden receives one of two 2017 Olscamp Research Awards

Dr. Moira van Staaden's grant research led to her receiving the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research (SPAR) annual Olscamp Research Award. Congratulations Moira!

BGSU Biology Program's Hunt for Phages!

BGSU is one of the ten 2017 cohorts invited to participate in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Science Education Alliance - Science Education Alliance Phage Hunters Advancing Genomics and Evolutionary Phages (SEA-PHAGES) project... Read more


Blame 'food coma' on the brain

The humble fruit fly has proved to be a fruitful research subject for BGSU neuroscientist Dr. Robert Huber and colleagues from Scripps Research Institute in Florida and elsewhere. The collaborators’ research into their behavior has helped expand our understanding of some important neurobiological connections between eating and sleep... Read more

Dr. Shannon Pelini's research provides long-term look at the effects of climate change!

The world of forest ants may provide a macrocosm of the complex reactions and interactions among species affected by global climate change, according to a research project involving BGSU biologist Dr. Shannon Pelini... Read more 



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