Advisory Committee

ASIA Committee


2017-2018 Asian Studies Advisory Committee, from left to right: Min Yang, Jong Kwan "Jake" Lee, Akiko Kawano Jones, Rebecca Skinner Green, Man Zhang, Vibha Bhalla; second row: Brad Clark, Ryoko Okamura, Jeremy Walsh

Kristen Rudisill

Assistant Professor of Popular Culture
Academic Interests: South Asia, theater and dance, globalization, religion.

Courses Taught: Global Popular Culture; Indian Popular Culture; Religion and Popular Culture; International Performing Arts; Popular Religion in Asia.

Contact Information:
246 Shatzel Hall

Ryoko Okamura

Assistant Professor of Japanese

Contact Information:
119 Shatzel Hall

Jeremy Wallach
Associate Professor of Popular Culture

Academic Interests: Asian traditional and popular music, globalization, Southeast Asia, post-colonial theory.

Courses Taught:
Asian Popular Music, Global Popular Culture.

Contact Information:
346 Shatzel Hall

Min Yang

Associate Professor of Chinese

Contact Information:
109 Shatzel Hall

Man Zhang

Associate Professor of International Business
Academic Interests: International entrepreneurship; born global firms; international performance, information technology capability; international strategies.

Courses Taught: Introduction to International Business; Online Introduction to International Business and Global Management; International Management.
3009 Business Administration Building Annex

Esther Clinton
Adjunct Instructor of Pop Culture
Contact Information:
346 Shatzel Hall

Bradford Clark
Professor of Theater and Film
Contact Information:
240 Wolfe Center

Jong Kwan "Jake" Lee
Associate Professor, Computer Science
Academic Interests: Scientific/Information Visualization, Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, High Performance Computing
Courses Taught: Operating Systems & Networks, Computer Graphics, Programming Fundamentals, Advanced Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence Methods, Computer Organization
Contact Information:
240 Hayes Hall

Khani Begum

Associate Professor of English

Academic Interests: Modern and Contemporary Literatures; Post Colonial Literature and Theory; South Asian Studies; World Cinema; and Film Theory.
Courses Taught: Cinema and Nation: Postcolonial Theory, Partition and the Transnational Indian Cinema; Transnational Trends in Asian Cinemas; Iranian Women and Film; Postcolonial World Cinema; Women in Islam; Women, Islam, and Literature; Muslim Women in Literature and the Media.

Contact Information:
203 East Hall

Vibha Bhalla

Associate Professor, Department of Ethnic Studies, School of Cultural and Critical Studies

Academic Interests: Transnationalism, Gender and migration particularly from India, migration in mid-western states 

Courses Taught: Contemporary Immigration to US, Global Perspectives on Women, Intro to Ethnic Studies, Intro to Asian American Studies, Twentieth century North American Migrations

Contact Information:
244 Shatzel Hall

Neil A. Englehart

Associate Professor of Political Science
Academic Interests: Politics of East and Southeast Asia; human rights, state formation and state failure.
Courses Taught: Comparative Politics; Asian Politics; and Human Rights.

Contact Information:
121 Williams

Christopher J. Frey

Assistant Professor of Education

Academic Interests: Indigenous and immigrant education policy; Global Histories of colonial and minority education; Education in Japan; Japanese modernization.

Classes Taught: History of Education; Education in a Pluralistic Society; Navajo Society; Education and Art; International Education Policy.

Contact information:
559 Education

Rebecca L. Skinner Green
Associate Professor of Art History

Academic Interests: World art and cultures.

Courses Taught: Art of India and Southeast Asia; Art of China and Japan; Oceanic Art; Western African Art; MesoAmerican Art, Western Art; Survey of World Art; Special Topics in Art History; Critical issues in World Art.
Contact Information:
1010 Fine Arts

Akiko Kawano Jones

Director, Asian Studies Program; Senior Lecturer of Japanese Language; Director of Summer Program in Japan and Peace Studies in Hiroshima.

Academic Interests: Language pedagogy; Japanese culture and customs; tea ceremony, study abroad in Japan.

Courses Taught: Japanese Language (beginning through third year); Japanese Business Language and Culture; Japanese Culture and Tea Ceremony; Summer Study in Japan.

Contact Information:
110 Shatzel