Advisory Committee

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2018-2019 Asian Studies Advisory Committee, back row from left to right: Hyeyoung Bang,Min Yang, Jong Kwan "Jake" Lee, Neil Englehart, Christopher Frey, Man Zhang, Vibha Bhalla, Ryoko Okamura and Brad Clark. Front row, from left to right, Kristen Rudisill, Khani Begum, Akiko Kawano Jones, and Rebecca Skinner Green.

Title: Associate Professor, School of Educational Foundation, Leadership and Policy 
Academic Interests: The relationship of wisdom and ego identity, teachers' emotionality and its impact on students' academic success, international students' social adaptability. 
Classes Taught: Adolescent Development in Social Context, Internship Cross-Cultural Education, Cross-Cultural Human Development and learning Human Growth Development, Educational Psychology Applied to Adolescent Development
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570 Education

Title: Assistant Professor, Political Science

Academic Interests: Nonprofit & international development, public administration, India  
Classes Taught: Nonprofit Studies and Public Administration  
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107 Williams Hall

Title: Professor of Theater and Film
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240 Wolfe Center

Title: Associate Professor, Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management

Academic Interests: Agritourism, sustainable tourism, tourism marketing,  tourism on organic farms

Classes Taught: Introduction to Tourism and Event Planning, Event & Program Planning in Travel and Tourism, Contemporary Issues in Tourism
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113 Eppler South

Title: Assistant Professor of Education

Academic Interests: Indigenous and immigrant education policy; Global Histories of colonial and minority education; Education in Japan; Japanese modernization.

Classes Taught: History of Education; Education in a Pluralistic Society; Navajo Society; Education and Art; International Education Policy.

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559 Education

Title: Senior Lecturer of Japanese Language, Director of Summer Program in Japan and Peace Studies in Hiroshima.
Academic Interests: Language pedagogy, tea ceremony, Japanese culture and customs, study abroad in Japan.
Courses Taught: Japanese language (beginning through third year), Japanese Business Language and Culture, Japanese Culture and Tea Ceremony, Summer Study in Japan.

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110 Shatzel Hall

Title: Assistant Professor of Japanese

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119 Shatzel Hall

Professor of Popular Culture
Academic Interests: Asian popular music, Southeast Asian society and politics, cultural globalization
Courses Taught: Introduction to Popular Culture, Global Popular Music, Youth and Popular Culture, International Popular Culture, Cultural Theory and Popular Culture, Genre and Authenticity in World Popular Music Studies, Popular Music in America 

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346 Shatzel Hall

Title: Associate Professor of International Business
Academic Interests: International entrepreneurship; born global firms; international performance, information technology capability; international strategies.

Courses Taught: Introduction to International Business; Online Introduction to International Business and Global Management; International Management.
3009 Business Administration Building Annex

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