Chicago Trip

Study tours are offered during most breaks and on several weekends throughout the year. These immersion trips take students out of their comfort zones to explore various cultures
with an artistic lens. In addition to the annual trips listed below, one-time day trips are added based on student interest.

Detroit, Michigan Day Trip
Students visit the Heidelberg Project, the Detroit Institute of Art, and eat dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant.

South Bronx, New York
This six-day/ five-night trip is focused heavily on social justice issues, service, and urban art. Students can receive up to three academic credit hours for attending.

West Coast Trip
Students travel by 15-passenger van to visit a Navajo reservation, San Diego, and San Francisco during this 11-day, 10-night road trip across America.

Chicago, Illinois
Students experience the metropolitan art scene of Chicago by attending several art museums and a Second City theater troupe show on this three-day, two-night trip.

Other trips:
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Day Trip
West Virginia Service Learning Weekend Trip
Yellow Springs, Ohio Day Trip

West Coast Trip
West Coast Trip
Navajo Trip